Restoration School

The Accelerated Christian Education Core Curriculum (ACE) consist of English, Word Building, Literature and Creative Writing, Science, Social Studies and Bible Reading in the PACE's and/or DVD and/of CD ROM formats. Student will also engage in extra curriculum studies such as Instrumental and vocal music, art, culinary arts, P.E. Chapel, and experience a verity of field trips.
Philosophy & Objectives
ACE Education
Parental Involvement
Restoration School of Excellence (RSE) exist to help parents fulfill their God-given responsibility to give their children a Christian Education. (Deut. 6:7; Eph. 6:1-4) Restoration School aim to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and disciple those who believe by utilizing the Accelerated Christian Education World of Tomorrow, academic program. Students complete an assessment to determine academic success. 

Students strive for Excellence in all things.

Accepting Applications for the 2018-2019 School Year.

The staff believes that parents are the children's key to success. RSE is committed to assisting parents to educate the children God has given them.  Parents are strongly encourage to provide their child with a wide  range of extracurricular activities.

Restoring Excellence in Education with the Word of God!